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We want to know what you have been doing and what have you have learned from your experiences. Have you undertaken responsibilities and activities that have benefited those around you and/or contributed to your community in a meaningful way?If so, what have you learned about yourself and others in the process? Any act of responsibility and/or initiative that serves others is a form of leadership.The best way to stand out is by making sure you have something meaningful and insightful to say. Have you written a Personal Profile that is genuine and unique to who you are?

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What would you (or others in your community) consider your most significant contributions and accomplishments?

Whether it’s winning an international award or taking care of a younger sibling, any experience can teach you something about yourself and/or the world around you.

An outline will serve you well throughout the writing process.

By outlining how you will organize and present your information, you will keep your writing structured and easy to understand for your reader.

During the drafting stage, you will actually begin to write!

Using the outline you created in your prewriting stage, put your ideas into sentences and paragraphs and begin to explain and support them by logically providing evidence to support different claims that you make along the way.How do you pursue your interests and manage your responsibilities?What do you do with your time when you are not in class?The path you take through these stages will depend on your project and on your writing style, but you may find it helpful to break down the writing process into the stages of prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing.The prewriting stage includes everything you do before writing your first draft.Start to connect your ideas and identify relationships between your points.Make sure you include an introduction with a clear thesis and development statement, as well as body paragraphs that focus on one main point each, and a conclusion that neatly wraps up your work.Have you spent sufficient time reflecting upon what you want to say?Have you answered the questions in a detailed and meaningful way?This stage of the writing process is the key to making your writing effective and coherent.Carefully consider the audience and the purpose of what you are writing.


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